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Equipment & Supplies for the First Chicken Houses Being Built Directly On Our Mozambique Farm!

Location: Mozambique

In just three short months, the chicken project we had been doing in partnership with Young Africa earned enough revenue and profits to cover the construction of our first two chicken houses on our own property! PRAISE GOD for this provision!

And we need your help to purchase a few things for those new chicken houses...

What we're raising funds for:

We are in the process of constructing our first two chicken houses on our farm in Mozambique using the revenue we earned from our chicken project. Each house will be large enough to raise 500 chickens.

We need an additional $4,200 to purchase the following:

  • Equipment for the chicken houses including feeders, waterers, and charcoal heaters to keep baby chicks warm. The items we were previously using were part of the rented facilities from Young Africa and belong to them, so we need our own.
  • Our first two sets of 500 chickens (1,000 chickens total) to restart our chicken project. After these are purchased, the revenue earned from their sale will supply the funds for purchasing subsequent batches.
  • Food, vitamins, and antibiotics for raising the first 1,000 chickens.

Why did we decide to build our own chicken houses on our farm?

Having our own chicken houses will be a HUGE step toward sustainability for our chicken operation and for our farm as a whole. Our long term goal has always been to have multiple broiler houses on our own property. We want to have our own hatchery as well, rather than buying baby chicks from neighboring South Africa or Malawi and shipping them. When we formed the partnership with Young Africa, we knew it would only be a jump start into our chicken project, and that partnership has certainly made it possible to earn the revenue to build our first two chicken houses!

We had to wind down our chicken project at the end of December, because Young Africa's school was shutting down for a period of time in preparation for their new school season. When we received word that their shut down would last longer than we had originally anticipated, we decided to move forward with building our own chicken houses so that we would not be hindered by the cycles and decisions of another organization's operation in the future.

About our chicken project and farm in Mozambique:

Our chicken project began in September 2023, as part of a teaching partnership with an international trade school known as Young Africa, and we have been raising our chickens in rented facilities on their property while also teaching their students the practical application portion of their animal husbandry education (with classroom instruction by the school).

From our farm, we already provide a valuable service to the local community via fresh produce sold at wholesale to businesses that would normally have to travel hours inland to obtain them. By selling wholesale, we are able to avoid direct competition with local farmers who rely heavily on selling their produce at retail prices in the local markets.

Our farm also supplies our orphan children and children's ministry programs with food. In addition, we teach agricultural techniques including how to use organic fertilizers (as opposed to commercial fertilizers that ruin the soil). Once these new chicken houses are built, we will be able to teach chicken raising from our own property and continue providing a chicken supply to the local community.





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