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Help Us Purchase Hope of a Nation's First Ministry Vehicle in Mozambique!

Published on Monday, June 27, 2022
Help Us Purchase Hope of a Nation's First Ministry Vehicle in Mozambique!

Hope of a Nation is growing! As more of our vision comes to fruition and with the plans we have for future projects, it has become even more necessary for us to have a ministry vehicle to transport passengers, equipment, and supplies.

We are looking to purchase a good used 8-10 passenger vehicle with high ground clearance that can accommodate bumpy, pothole filled roads, something like a Toyota Regius (a van-style vehicle that is common to Mozambique).

To make this purchase we will need approximately $8,000 - $10,000 U.S. This will cover the cost of the vehicle, registration, inspection, etc. Any remainder raised above the immediate need will be set aside for future vehicle maintenance needs.

Our Situation:

Currently, our program directors and facilitators must use crowded public transportation, often waiting in line to try to secure a ride on a 15-passenger van that is packed with more than 20 people. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to transport supplies and equipment when these vehicles are overflowing with people. Often a motorcycle taxi must be hired separately for transporting equipment. Likewise, it is only the motorcycle taxis that can be hired for destinations within the community itself. The vans are primarily for city-to-city transport. For the most part, our team walks to where they need to go within the community, carrying their supplies with them.

Our executive directors from the U.S. are currently in Mozambique through August. They also have the same transport dilemma. Next year, Hope of a Nation will begin bringing small mission teams from America to Mozambique, so a passenger vehicle will be essential to accommodate them. Other plans in the works will be best served by having a vehicle as well.

The executive directors would really love to be able to purchase this needed vehicle before their departure in August so that it can be utilized during their time here and they can get all the legalities out of the way related to the purchase.





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