A Vision for the Future


Above: The Collmorgen aquaponics system in Texarkana, Arkansas (in 2020). Pictured from left to right: Hope of a Nation Executive Director Jason Collmorgen, Visitor Lavimo Fungulane, and Medical Services Director Dr. Vladimir John.

When Jason was given the vision for this ministry, one of the first things God showed him in the dream was a farm complete with crops, chickens, and goats where, among other things, we could train farmers on more sustainable growing techniques that can help increase food security for their families. It’s a critical part of the overall vision for Hope of a Nation.

Shortly after the dream, Jason stumbled upon aquaponics, a hybrid food growing technology that combines the best of aquaculture and hydroponics while eliminating their drawbacks. He then earned certification in a Master Aquaponics Design course from world-renowned aquaponics expert Murray Hallam and along with his brother and father built a small scale aquaponics system on his parent’s land in Texarkana, and it can pump out produce like you wouldn’t believe!

Why aquaponics? In short, it conserves valuable water, is adaptable, scalable, requires less land to produce, allows for faster growth than traditional farming, and makes year-round production possible, regardless of the growing season.

One of the challenges in Mozambique is acquiring land, but we have received word that we may have such an opportunity, so it’s something we will be in talks about during our upcoming visit there. Please pray with us that if this is the opportunity God has ordained, that all works out according to his will. We would love to see this critical element of the vision begin to come to life!

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