Progress Update on Our Chicken Project


It's been six weeks (September 30th) since we received our first batch of 500 baby chickens, marking the official start of our chicken project. At this time we are raising broiler chickens only, no layers. We purchase baby chicks that are about a week old, raise them to the age of five weeks, and then sell them to individuals, restaurants, and others who buy several at a time.

We're excited to report that last week we purchased our 5th batch of chickens to raise, and that purchase was completely funded by the revenue from the sale of previous chickens! That is a huge step towards a self-sustaining project!

As part of our partnership with Young Africa, a vocational school that teaches agriculture down the road from our farm, we will also begin teaching their students how to raise and care for chickens in January when their new school term begins. These students will get their classroom training from Young Africa and their practical application training from our team. The students will be responsible for helping to keep the pens clean, keep the chickens fed, etc.

God has truly blessed this project in every way, and has allowed it to already become a blessing to the community as well. Please continue to pray for God's provision for the development of our farm. Not only are people hearing about Jesus through it, but it will one day help sustain the ministry as a whole.

Pictured above are some of our young chickens. The black plastic around the pen helps keep them from getting too cold on cooler nights.

Some of Our Partnering Organizations
Working Together to Change Lives
Grace Community Assembly in Branson, Missouri Jubilee Worship Center in Harrison, Arkansas Caring for Orphans Mozambique in Temecula, California Hope House Children's Homes in Reeds Spring, Missouri Siloam Mountain Jr School in Uganda, Africa Young Africa in Mozambique, Africa Sofala Department of Agriculture