Take This People to the Far Ends of the Earth


America has always been seen as this beacon of light to the developing world. It’s the country young Mozambicans and other third world Africans dream of someday going to because it’s seen as the land of opportunity, the land of milk and honey.

But what America has put on display for the world in recent years is far from being a beacon of light and hope. Our media, movies, music videos, and social media arguments have a far greater reach than just the borders of our country, and this imagery greatly influences the younger generations around the world.

Over the past few years during our visits to Mozambique, Jason and I have noticed a huge increase in the youth adopting America’s hip-hop and rap cultures. We’ve noticed it when they pose for photos, and now, even the three- and four-year-old girls are dancing provocatively like they see in our nation’s music videos. It’s disgusting and grieves our hearts!

Boys and girls from three years old to 20+ make hand signals that they see in these music videos, not knowing that those hand signals are sexually explicit, and the most appalling one we saw came from a little three-year-old girl, tongue out and hand signal in an upside-down “v.” This hand signal represents an oral sex act.  These children have no idea, and neither do their parents what these hand signals mean. They are simply mimicking what they see illustrated from American culture in movies and videos, because they have such a high respect for America. When we saw this, we brought it to the attention of the mother figure for these children, and I pray that she shares the information with other mothers and fathers so that they can educate their children.

Mozambique is not alone. I’m sure children around the world are doing the same thing. We know that American children are as well. We as Christians MUST set a better example for America and the world to follow.

As missionaries doing work in Mozambique, Jason and I have the opportunity to help shift the focus of their youth from the appeal of America to the hope they have in Jesus Christ. Our work is not limited to Mozambique, however. The impact of Hope of a Nation will reach the world. We know this because God told us, and so have many other people from different nations even before this ministry was born.

On May 8, 2019, while in Mozambique and in prayer, the Lord told me not to delay the work he has given us. He also told me that the fruit is ripe for harvest, but that the harvesters are few and to pray for more harvesters. He went on to tell me to pray for America, that “she” is like filthy rags and that her light is dimming, but that HIS light is greater. Then he said there is a great need before us and that we are to take “this people” to the far ends of the earth. “This people” was not Americans….it was Mozambicans.

Jason and I felt it was time to put together a video to share the vision God has given us for this ministry. Very few people have heard the scope of the vision God has commissioned us with. Please take a few moments and watch this video. Please share it with other Christians and help be an advocate for our ministry.

We need opportunities to share this vision with others. Do you have a connection with a church body, Bible study group, or civic organization? Please share our mission with them, and please pray for more doors to open for us to be able to share in person and for more financial partners to come alongside us.

You can watch Hope of a Nation's Vision Video Here:

Some of Our Partnering Organizations
Working Together to Change Lives
Grace Community Assembly in Branson, Missouri Jubilee Worship Center in Harrison, Arkansas Caring for Orphans Mozambique in Temecula, California Hope House Children's Homes in Reeds Spring, Missouri Siloam Mountain Jr School in Uganda, Africa Young Africa in Mozambique, Africa Sofala Department of Agriculture