A Challenging Yet Fruitful Journey


This summer while in Mozambique, you may recall us planning a trip to Nampula, a northern province with a heavy Muslim population. Due to circumstances beyond our control, Jason and I were unable to make that trip personally, but shortly after our return to the U.S. we did send a two-man team to the area. It was a joint effort between Hope of a Nation and one of our partner church bodies, Igreja Viva do Novo Concerto (Living Church of the New Covenant).

Years before Hope of a Nation was born, our Operations Director, Pastor Abel Faz-Ver, had planted several churches across Mozambique. Over time they grew, and even more were planted with the assistance of his leadership team. Those churches now number over 40 and have a combined headcount of over 2,000. It had been many years since he had visited the churches in the Nampula area due to the great distance and travel difficulty in reaching them, so their appointed pastors and congregations were quite eager to see him again.

Abel and Pastor Lulu (one of the pastors Abel discipled) braved the long journey from Dondo to Nampula city, a more than 16-hour bus ride over roads that would make a sailor seasick. Once in Nampula city, they traveled two more hours by public transport to reach their destination.

Their churches are spread throughout this area, but since there wasn’t enough time to reach all of them, many were gathered together at designated locations. Every day for six days, Abel and Lulu rode on the back of a motorcycle almost an hour one-way through fields and down narrow pathways to reach these remote gatherings. Abel even officiated a wedding at one location. In addition to strengthening existing relationships and encouraging church leaders, the trip also included evangelism and Bible distribution.

One of our goals in partnering with local churches like these is to provide resources to assist local evangelism, training, and discipleship efforts. For this trip we covered their travel expenses, lodging, and meals. We also provided over 200 bibles in local languages, including Makua, to be distributed to some of the pastors, leaders, and congregants who didn’t have one. There are so many more who would love to have a Bible of their very own!

Some of Our Partnering Organizations
Working Together to Change Lives
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